Jessica Steinberger


My research interests are Network Security, Botnet Detection and Mitigation, Early warning Systems, Security Protocols and Infrastructures, Network Monitoring and Modeling, and Network Management.


Central Office for Information Technology in the Security Sector

2018 - Present

Research Digital Forensics

Research and development of methods to extract and analyze digital devices.

University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt

2011 - 2017

Research Assistent

Research in the area of Internet Security, Botnet Detection and Mitigation, Early Warning Systems, Security Protocols and Infrastructure

Project Management


MSD Animal Health Innovation

2002 - 2006

Trainee and IS Service Officer

Administration and Maintenance of Windows Clients

Management of Soft- and Hardware

HelpDesk - 1st and 2nd Level Support


University of Twente

2014 - 2018

Computer Science, Degree of Doctor

Distributed DDoS Defense - A collaborative Approach at Internet Scale

University of Applied Sciences Bingen

2009 - 2011

Computer Science / Information Systems, Master of Science

Measurement of Business Alignment

University of Applied Sciences Bingen

2006 - 2009

Computer Science, Bachelor of Science

Levying of IT Key performance indicators and their methodical analysis to improve both the Software and the Development Process